SeafoodChain, Powered by UNISOT, Opens the Seafood Industry to Transparency Like Never Before


The seafood industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the global food industry. Today’s consumers are becoming more conscious and regulators are becoming more demanding. This requires more accurate, instant and comprehensive information regarding food products and their history.

SeafoodChain provides solutions for the Seafood and Aquaculture industries to record and display insights into the complete supply chain by using Smart Digital Twins and Product DNA. The Global Traceability, Proof-of-Quality and Product Provenance functions provide enhanced transparency and visibility, enabling supply chain partners as well as end customers to make choices based on verifiable facts regarding product authenticity, quality and sustainability. The technology also makes it easy to comply with legal regulations and reporting.

CEO of UNISOT AS, Stephan Nilsson, has worked for 20 years developing value chain and ERP integration and knows this industry from the inside. He sees a revolution of opportunities with an open blockchain solution. The solution – developed by a team of software engineers and industry experts – is built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, which has the massive scalability, stability, microtransaction capability and low fees necessary to power enterprise solutions. SeafoodChain was one of the major BSV enterprise applications unveiled, and even demonstrated live, at the recent CoinGeek London 2020 conference focused on Bitcoin SV.

About SeafoodChain AS

SeafoodChain AS is a Norwegian technology company located in Oslo, which specializes in the seafood industry.


Unisot AS is a Norwegian technology company located in Oslo, developing an Enterprise Blockchain Platform for applications in Global Supply Chains. The company’s technology is built on an open blockchain solution using Bitcoin SV (BSV), and utilizing IoT sensor technology, big data and machine learning.