New Ways to Spend Bitcoin with your Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet

What can you buy with crypto? It’s been a common question since bitcoin bought two pizzas back in 2010. Giving people the ability to spend their bitcoins when they are on the go has always been one of the core functionalities of the Blockchain Wallet.

And today, spending crypto from your phone or online is even easier thanks to a new integration with BitPay. We’ve seamlessly integrated BitPay into the Blockchain Wallet so you can pay for products and services from an extensive network of merchants without ever giving up control of your private keys.

As the largest global crypto payments provider, BitPay and has processed more than $2.8 billion from merchants and B2B customers since 2011. Everyday thousands of businesses rely on BitPay to be their direct connection to the world of crypto, and now those connections are available to you.

Beginning with Bitcoin, users have a new way to spend their HODLings from the safety of their Wallet on an array of online stores within the BitPay ecosystem (full list: here). Now, you can simply copy or scan the invoice and complete the payment using your Blockchain Wallet.

And thanks to recent enhancements to its payments protocol, it’s easier and more secure than ever to transact with certainty.

We’re excited to see this new addition connect our Wallet users to the world of merchants that accept Bitcoin (and soon other cryptos) as a payment method — one of the key ways to interact with and grow the digital asset ecosystem.