AirPod, a Private “Capsule Style” Unit Transforming Travel & Napping Starts Pre-ICO


Relaxing, sleeping, having privacy at a public place? The idea that seems impossible is going to be made possible by AirPod — a unique business model based on installing state-of-the-art private “capsule style” units across all mainstream public places, for a transformed and more enhanced travel and napping experience. AirPod is currently in its pre-ICO stage and has the whitelist open. It’s a novel concept that is gaining massive attention from the blockchain community.

About AirPod’s Novel Idea

AirPod leverages upon the latest, cutting-edge technologies that let users do their tasks within a comfortable, private unit while still being present at a public or a commercial place. AirPod has incorporated features that deliver an enhanced user experience, including touch-screen monitor, Wi-Fi, sound reduction technology, air condition, mood lighting, privacy blinds smart glass and anti-stress program.

Though AirPod’s sleek and ergonomic design can be fixed into a range of surroundings, yet, the company has targeted the mainstream airport hubs first. As per the strategic analysis, the team has found this setting an ideal one. Moreover, for the expansion of this novel business model, the company will be partnering with one of the biggest companies to get assistance for the distribution within the airports all across the world.

The AirPods installed across the world will be connected over a blockchain network, which will enable general management, economic overview, and control of individual AirPod units.  The platform will be powered by APOD token, which can be used as a mode of value exchange on the platform to gain exclusive memberships and to rent the AirPod units.

How Does It Enhance the User Experience?

AirPod aims to address one of the biggest challenges passengers face at the airports, and that is, waiting for hours for their flights in the terminals. The case becomes worse if the flight is expectedly late by a couple of hours, or there are extended transfers or even long check-in times. The passengers have no option but to wait in a busy, noisy terminal with no privacy.

AirPod brings to passengers a convenient and economical way to maximize and enjoy their time in these terminals, as well as other locations like shopping areas, transit hubs, and offices. The current options are unable to cater the relaxing and privacy needs. For a private space, there are uncomfortable chairs or paid lounge areas. For sleeping, a nearby hotel is to be booked. The AirPod team has carefully analyzed all the current pods available in some airports and found unsatisfactory results. These privacy pods are only meant for sleeping, with a small, dark coffin-looking shape.

AirPod offers users a comfortable and a balanced space embedded with Wi-Fi, security, comfort, privacy, and relaxation. For the first time ever, passengers will be able to read books, watch movies, listen to music, or get a sound sleep in a peaceful and private environment. The model of AirPod unit combines functionality, health, and relaxation aspects.

The key features include:

  • Free High-speed Wi-Fi for all users
  • Free access to Amazon Fire TV
  • Power sockets (USB/electricity)
  • Working desk
  • Luggage and personal belongings storage
  • Air Condition & HEPA filter
  • Alarm clock
  • Flight status
  • A high-quality seat that transforms into a bed
  • Self-disinfection LED system

 The Team Behind

Grega Mrgole is the CEO & Co-founder of AirPod. Grega has a strong and successful history with various start-ups in the manufacturing, food service, leisure, and fitness industry. In 2004 Grega opened his first company, specialized in the EU distribution and sales of sports nutrition, fitness and wellness products. After selling the company in 2010, Grega started a new company, Aioli Pharma Ltd, in 2011, which specialized in the production of its own brand functional chewing gums (chewing gum for energy, vitamin gum, anti-stress gum, etc.). Business model and products were successfully launched on the Slovenian, Croatian, and Austrian markets.

Mihael Meolic is the COO & Co-founder of AirPod. His first company Mineko d.o.o, was involved and specialized in the import and distribution of beverages throughout Slovenia and the other former Yugoslav states. Mihael sold the company in 2009 and opened a new company in 2010, which deals with the engineering and installation of robotics for the automotive industry. His company’s clients include Rolls Royce (Southampton, UK), Porsche, BMW, Audi, Ford (Germany), BMW (China) and VW (South Africa), among others.

The duo, with their innovative ideas, seem to be on their way to redefine personal comfort in public spaces. Know more about it at